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about me

The most beautiful things.

I am inspired by things with a wistful beauty. The most beautiful things I know are watching old people eating ice cream, feeling the seasons changing, hay balls randomly spread out on a farm field, uncovering the secret stories within people's eyes.

The most beautiful things I know are not necessarily pretty.

Merete Steinvik Haugen

The world today is full of replicas and mass production. Therefore I prefer for every piece of my art to be unique. No paintings are similar to another and I don't make any reproductions or any kind of prints. Most of my paintings are acrylics and pigments on canvas, and some are oil paintings.  


My stories within each painting are also meant to be unique to each one experiencing them. I hope for the viewer to find their own hidden tale. 

My studio is 250 m2 with 4-7 meters under the ceiling, and is situated by the sea in Fredrikstad in Norway.


Merete Steinvik Haugen:

contemporary Norwegian Painter

Represented by Singulart,

a Paris based online art house, known for its carefully curated artwork

The Cultured Giraffe

In Conversation with

Merete Steinvik Haugen

Interview with

The Cultured Giraffe

My paintings are inspired by people’s untold stories, portraying aspects of human relations and emotions. I wish to capture this moment in time, and a breath of true life in todays society. My compositions are created layers upon layers, hoping to invite the viewer to dive into them, in search for secrets and your own personal story within. 


I debuted in 2015 with 100 paintings on one subject; about the people we don’t see. And since then I have exhibited frequently nationally and internationally; Oslo, Miami, Barcelona, Madrid and more. 

I have a Bachelor in Arts (BA Hons) from University of the Arts, London - Wimbledon School of Art, and before Foundation in Art and Design (special commendation) from University of Plymouth.

Before pursuing a full time painting career I told stories through film, TV, theatre and tailormade performances and interactive exhibitions.

Paintings that tell stories

I wish for people to experience colors they haven't seen before. I aim for my art to touch someone's core, influence ways of thinking and give a voice to the silenced.

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