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Ongoing exhibition at

Cube8 Gallery Fredrikstad 

4th Nov-23rd Dec 2023


Colloquial exhibition with: 

Lea Alstad

Espen Eiborg

Trudy Wiegand

Charlotte Engelhaart



13th Oct - 29th Oct 2023
Cube8 Gallery
59 paintings
More info and photos coming soon

Previous solo exhibition

Paintings that tell stories. I debuted in 2015 with 100 paintings on the subject "Do you see me?". Most of my exhibitions have themes that are about human relations and emotional interactions. I have portrayed topics like freedom, trust, individuality and many more. Here are some examples of exhibitions.  You are welcomed on a tour of discovery into each one.

Galleri Røed Jeløy 2023

35 paintings

Port Gallery Barcelona 2022

19 paintings

Galleri Røed Jeløy 2021

35 paintings