Do you see me?

"Do you see me?"

100 paintings 


Exhibition 25 — 28. June 2015

Fredrikstad Motorfabrikk 



"Do you see me?" 100 paintings on the same subject.
Who are all those people we don't see? 

I chose 3 ways to portrait this topic:

- Who are all those people we pass every day, but that we don't notice? I believe that everyone has a story to tell. 

- What about the people we choose not to see - because it is uncomfortable to see them? I give them a voice.

- And what about those we spend time with every day, maybe eat dinner with every day - but that we don't actually see? What difference does it make to be seen?


With these paintings I hope to touch someone to see and be seen.


Underneath are all 100 paintings that were shown at exhibition:

"Show me your colours"
"Alle ser på meg, men ingen ser meg"
"Tegn til kjærlighet"
"Holding hands"
"The man"
12-the labyrinth of you
Min egen skygge
Shadows are behind me
03-Din verd
04-Din ære
16-mirrors are before me
17 now I walk the path
To be seen I.
To be seen VI.
To be seen III.
To be seen II.
18-de andre
Vi tenner våre lykter
20-in reflection I can see
21-dødens hester
23-In horizon I can see
"You can run, but you cannot hide"
Sea or see? II
Sea or see? I
Would you listen to mine? III.
Would you listen to mine? V.
Would you listen to mine? II.
Would you listen to mine I
05-Im standing here I.jpg
06-Im standing here II.jpg
07-Im standing here IV.jpg
08-Im standing here V.jpg
09-Im standing here VI.jpg
Im standing here III.jpg
Alle oss
Blir du med.jpg
Hva menes med for altid.jpg
Deg og meg.jpg
08-to be seen IV.jpg
11-to be seen VII.jpg
Hvor skal vi
Husker du meg
If Im louder.jpg
Mamman min
Vil du gifte deg med meg?
Snu deg, jeg er her
Jeg går aldri fra deg
Please notice me I.jpg
Please notice me II.jpg
Please notice me III.jpg
Please notice me IV.jpg
mirror me I.jpg
mirror me II.jpg
mirror me III.jpg
mirror me IV.JPG
mirror me V.jpg
mirror me Vi.jpg
mirror me VII.jpg
mirror me VIII.jpg
room to be I.JPG
room to be VIII.JPG
room to be VII.JPG
room to be IX.JPG
room to be XII.JPG
room to be III.JPG
room to be XI.JPG
room to be IV.JPG
room to be X.JPG
room to be V.JPG
room to be II.JPG
room to be VI.JPG

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